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China Confirms the Development of Anti-Gravity Technology, Based on 'EmDrive' Device

posted by Mr. Black November 8, 2009

Its not hard to imagine that an advanced civilization, in their progress towards efficient space travel, would one day have the have technology capable of manipulating gravity itself. And indeed, the most interesting UFO sightings that occur here on our own planet - exhibit characteristics of advanced spacecraft that is capable of controlling gravity. Making right angle turns at impossible speeds and performing other gravity defying maneuvers.

Alien hardware aside, an independent UK inventor has successfully created an anti-gravity device that could one day power human spacecraft. Dubbed the 'EmDrive' it is an electromagnetic propulsion engine that uses microwave technology to convert electrical energy into thrust. It uses no propellant.

Roger Shawyer's experimental Emdrive could ultimately prove to be a breakthrough in propulsion technology. For starters, it makes possible vertical takeoffs with slow ascents and using very little acceleration. In a military context this is a huge benefit because currently ballistic missiles launched from anywhere on Earth can be immediately spotted from orbiting satellites. An undetected, silent delivery of a deadly nuclear payload is an obvious military advantage.

EM Drive

Above: Roger Shawyer's EmDrive

Other applications would undoubtedly be revolutionary for civilian transport. The flying cars that aeronautical engineers have been dreaming of could be soon realized.

According to Shawyer, "the technology is firmly anchored in the basic laws of physics." The key to the anti-gravity functionality of the EmDrive involves a resonate cavity filled with microwaves.

The Emdrive perked the interest of the scientific community just a few years ago when Roger Shawyer, the UK inventor, first came forward with his revolutionary idea.

China Confirms the Technology

His theory of microwave propulsion, which was first widely publicized in a New Scientist article back in 2006, was not surprisingly met with large scale criticism. "Outrageous" and "impossible" were the common themes of EmDrive proponents.

Now, only a few years later - Chinese researchers claimed they have validated the math, and are building an EmDrive of their own.

The Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU) in Xi'an is currently manufacturing a thruster based on the Shawyer's microwave propulsion theory. "NPU started their research program in June 2007, under the supervision of Professor Yang Juan. They have independently developed a mathematical simulation which shows unequivocally that a net force can be produced from a simple resonant tapered cavity," said Shawyer in an interview with Wired Magazine. "The thrust levels predicted by this simulation are similar to those resulting from the SPR design software, and the SPR test results."

The NPU has confirmed that they have reproduced Shawyer's theory and are building a prototype.

Above: an EmDrive prototype in action

The amount of thrust produced by the current EmDrive is relatively small, but very significant. The biggest difference between the EmDrive and a traditional combustion tech thruster is that the Emdrive uses no propellant. As long as it has an electricity supply the Emdrive can keep going, perhaps one day traveling into deep space.

In fact, Shawyer calculates that a solar-powered Emdrive could take a manned mission to Mars in just over a month.

Claims of anti-gravity, free energy, and over unity devices are often met with harsh skepticism by the so called "mainstream". What makes Shawyer's theory exciting is that these initial skeptics have at least been partially put to rest as a result of the confirmation of the technology by the Chinese. The Emdrive has passed scientific analysis. Despite not fully understanding how it works they were able to measure the fact that it does indeed work.

The big question is this: will Shawyer be allowed to continue the development of his technology. There is indeed a cartel of oil & energy corporations that are not about to let their multi trillion dollar energy business model, a model which based on the production of fossil fuels and non-renewable energy, be interrupted by a breakthrough idea. And this cartel is notorious for stifling, intimidating, and destroying the lives of inventors who would otherwise be able to share their technology with the world.

Only time will tell - in the meantime the ARC is following the development of anti gravity technology in a quest for a deeper understanding - for the benefit of our website visitors, customers and private clients.

SPR Ltd (Roger Shawyer's Company)

Shawyer's original theory paper

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