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Trucker Claims He Was Abducted While Driving

posted by Mr. Black November 23, 2009   |   Nevada, USA | alleged abduction July, 1978

I was headed westbound on Highway 80 as I've done many times before, taking a load to San Francisco. It was about 0200-0230 as I was approaching the tunnel, it's located about half way through Nevada - when I started to feel really strange. I remember entering the tunnel and then nothing...

The next thing I knew I was in McCaren 76 truck stop,coming up off the steering wheel, feeling completely disoriented, and wondering what had just happened.

What astounded me evev more is that I when looked at my "el-cheapo" truck stop Timex watch and noticed it had stopped.... it was battery opperated! And was working before!! I somehow had arrived at the truck stop approximately 4 hours earlier than expected. And by all means the truck I was driving could only run a max speed of 68 mph.

This happened about july of '78.

Since then I have had several encounters with "outworlders" and their spacecraft.

Edward Choda

Source: MUFON
*Edited for clarification

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