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posted by Flatlander updated Oct 26, 2009

This extensive review of the alien abduction phenomenon develops a conceptual framework, paradigm, and worldview that can coherently encompass the bulk of diverse and frequently conflicting reports, beliefs, and evidence. While at the same time, not contradicting current theoretical thought in physics as represented by at least a reasonable minority of physicists.

The starting point for building this inclusive paradigm is a position of accepting, at face value, the veracity of the abductee reports from the studies of Dr. David Jacobs, which I believe are reasonably representative of the phenomenon. In his book, The THREAT: Revealing the Secret Alien Agenda, Dr. Jacobs examines the extraordinary correlation between the accounts of hundreds of abductees worldwide, obtained both by conscious recall and hypnotic regression. Dr. Jacobs - a respected history professor, along with other credible researchers in this field such as Dr. John Mack, professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School - have revealed a striking consistency in worldwide abduction reports. And they are profoundly disturbed by the conclusion, reluctantly reached, that the accounts of these abductees must be largely accurate.

Dr. Jacobs believes that his research has provided him with sufficient information to piece together an educated perspective regarding aliens, their activities and intent. It is summarized as follows:

  • Non human alien beings have been interacting with humans for approximately 100 years;
  • Aliens are well advanced into an interbreeding program between humans and themselves;
  • Much of the alien/abductee interaction appears intent on facilitating the integration of hybrids into human culture;
  • Alien communication to abductees can best be characterized as manipulation to ensure cooperation. Therefore, almost all such ‘communication’ that addresses alien intent and/or abductees’ relationships with aliens, is likely untrue;
  • The one exception may be the training of abductees to apparently assist and protect aliens from human attack at some future time, implying a future change in the secrecy, up until now kept by aliens;
  • Such training of a woman in her fifties, implies that that change will happen within the next 20 years;
  • Dr. Jacobs reluctantly, but understandably, has concluded that aliens are in the process of introducing hybrids that can pass as human, but have significant advantages, such as the aliens’ telepathic communication, the ability to control the perceptions, the memory, emotional responses and the physical body’s movement of humans and, of course, advanced technology;
  • Such infiltration may lead to aliens controlling both the governments, and the military forces, around the world; and,
  • Since, as far as we can infer, alien culture is strictly hierarchical, devoid of any emotional content, (music, art, etc.,) their ascendancy to hegemonic world power would be expected to have a drastically negative impact on global human culture.

Indeed, the work of Dr. Jacobs is persuasive. He, along with other pioneering researchers such as Budd Hopkins may be absolutely correct in their conclusions and projections.

However, there are other data sets that are pertinent, which should be considered simultaneously. Such consideration suggests a different potential context in which to judge this so called alien agenda data.

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy
The first data set needing reconciliation is the entire history of human experiences that have a high degree of strangeness. It appears that such ‘strange’ experiences have been widespread in every human population in recorded history, as seen by reports of religious experiences of communication with “other” consciousnesses including YAHWEH, ALLAH, BRAHMAN, etc., NDE’s, OBE’s, remote viewing, psychic experiences, ghosts, communication with dead relatives, and numerous other versions of “higher”/“other” consciousness.

Dr. Jacobs appears to consider his abductees’ reports of such ‘strange’ experiences (communication with dead relatives, speaking to Jesus, etc.), as ‘screen memories’ that have been implanted by the aliens to cover “common” abduction events, in order to engender the abductees’ cooperation.

A key question in selecting an interpretation of the alien abduction phenomenon is: whether or not one believes in the potential reality of any of the historic “paranormal” beliefs held by the great majority of the human population. If alien abduction is the only such highly strange phenomenon that has sufficiently compelling anecdotal physical and psychological evidence to consider it as representing potentially objectively real events, then I believe Dr. Jacobs’ interpretation is most logical. However, if any version of historic religious/paranormal beliefs and experiences might be not simply reflections of the abduction phenomenon or figurative swamp gas themselves, then more encompassing models should be attempted to be constructed..

Let's examine how well the existing paradigms of alien abduction answer these Four Fundamental Questions:


Given the speed of light barrier and the distance of even the nearest possible star system, how can UFO sightings and abductions approach the frequency of pizza deliveries? Why and how do thousands of alien ships travel multiple parsecs, using the energy budget of multiple planets to keep visiting our little planet?


Why do virtually all alien types reported appear to be within a few percentage points of their DNA matching ours? Even if one believes in comet, or alien, seeding of cellular level life (Directed Panspermia), the probability of the following paths of potential genetic mutations/adaptations, ending up within a relative handful of genes between life-forms evolved on different planets, over billions of years, appears infinitesimal. (E.g. look at the wide variation of the life we know evolved on Earth from the original natural, or artificial, seeding. Why do aliens look more like us than does a platypus, a squid, a tarantula or even a chimp?)


Even given the imponderable nature of an alien consciousness, what is going on here ?

  • Periodically abducting family members over many decades
  • Harvesting sperm and ova
  • Raising hybrid children, reintroducing them to their birth mothers
  • Showing scenes of disaster to some abductees
  • Just tooling around in craft that far exceed our technologies, allowing themselves to be observed, photographed and videotaped
  • Using methods of genetic harvesting and germinating that are apparently no more sophisticated than how “Norwegian Bachelor Farmers” do animal husbandry.


There is also a relationship to other strange reports including NDEs, OBEs, angels, spirit guides, ghosts and the phenomena at the heart of all major religions (most such reported religious experiences can, and have, been seen by others as analogous to the UFO phenomenon). It certainly seems improbable that all the weird phenomena related to what looks like higher dimensional, or advanced 4D technology, is unrelated to each other. It seems hard to believe that all those other bizarre experiences reported regularly throughout recorded history, are only actually various flavors of physical and psychological swamp gas. And that only the UFO alien phenomena is the real deal.

Current Popular Interpretive Paradigms: What Do They Answer

Current explanatory models address these elements from widely different directions, but a commonality between each of the current popular Interpretive Paradigms is the inability to reconcile all Four Fundamental Questions that have been outlined above.

The following is a summary of the current explanatory models, as I see them, and how well they answer each of the fundamental questions:


UFO reports are all misidentification of prosaic phenomena. Abduction reports are seen as sleep paralysis, psychosis or attention seeking confabulation. This skeptical perspective, one of which I held fervently for about 30 years, answers some of these questions.

Under this paradigm, Question #1 ( the issue of the energy expenditure/waste to benefit ratio of UFO phenomenon), Question #2 (the coincidence of genetic similarities of alien and human species) and Question #3 (the lack of a seemingly logical point to the UFO/abduction phenomenon) are all answered by simple denial of the existence of the phenomenon outside of experiencers’ heads.

Question #4 (the relationship between UFO abduction phenomenon and other supernatural or religious phenomenon) can also be answered by this “swamp gas” explanatory model, if one first makes the assumption, as many adherents to this paradigm do, that the cultural well from which all the delusions spring includes the major religions.


Space BrothersThis paradigm covers any and all explanations that define the UFO/abduction phenomenon as our salvation, in one form or another. It assumes that the aliens are much more advanced spiritually as well as technologically than humans and therefore are intervening like benevolent grandparents, to assure that our limited intelligence does not lead us to ruin.

This paradigm does not specifically address Question #1 (regarding the expenditure/waste to benefit ratio of alien intervention) or #2 (the coincidence of genetic similarities).

This model does answer Question #3 (what is the purpose) very clearly…to save us.

It does not give a specific answer to Question Number #4 ( regarding the relationship between the similarities of alien abductions and paranormal/religious phenomenon).


This paradigm includes any and all explanations that describe the UFO/abduction phenomenon’s major purpose as intent to harm, displace or subjugate mankind.

By itself it doesn’t address Question #1 (the conflict of energy expenditure and distance) or Question #2 (regarding genetic similarities), or Question #4 (the relationship of this phenomenon to human religious experience (although some versions equate aliens to evil or the devil)). However, this paradigm also very clearly answers Question #3 (the purpose of the phenomenon) as they are here to take over.

Even though I understand the conclusion drawn by Dr. Jacob, Mr. Hopkins, and other researchers who have analyzed the large set of data gathered from abductees - I find it difficult to reconcile this paradigm with all aspects of the phenomenon and of all other paranormal/religious phenomenon.


Dr. Beatriz Gato-Rivera, a Spanish theoretical physicist, proposed the Sub Anthropic Cosmological Principle to answer the Fermi Paradox. The Fermi Paradox essentially states that the universe is so old and so large that technical civilizations millions and billions of years more advanced than us should be everywhere…so where are they?

The name of her principle is a pun on the Anthropic Cosmological Principle of Barrow, Tippler, et al. which posits that the fundamental constants that govern the nature of a universe must be, to an extremely high degree of accuracy, just as they are, for a universe to support life as we know it. Other than the cleverness of her pun there is no real relation between the two concepts)

Her principle suggests that we, like a group of mountain gorillas, could be surrounded by civilizations greatly advanced to us in intelligence and technology, whose technologies enable them to stay essentially invisible to us while interacting constantly. Of further interest to our discussion she discusses how the infinite extra dimension scenario of Brane World Cosmology would strengthen the Fermi Paradox, and even more require the Sub Anthropic Cosmological Principle to explain the lack of ubiquitous aliens. (Brane World Cosmology posits that 4D universes like ours can exist on “branes”, basically sub parts of the higher dimensional Hyperverse)

This paradigm does a neat job of answering the Fermi Paradox and two of the outstanding four fundamental questions. The Brane Worlds version might answer question number 1, the energy conflict. Moving between branes that could be less than 1 mm apart could conceivably take very little energy. Question 3, the purpose of the phenomenon is also addressed, we are a primitive species in a protected reservoir within a universe heavily populated with intelligent species, most of which are millions or billions of years ahead of us in evolution and technology. It sheds little direct light on why aliens look so much like us or how our gorillahood relates to our religious/paranormal history. Although it does more easily support the idea that advanced civilizations have been interacting with humankind throughout our existence and therefore makes easier to envision “outside” influences entraining our genetics and religious beliefs.

The Unexplained Remains

There are still some bothersome issues about each of the various alien abduction paradigms.

Have they been here all along?
If they have been here all along then this would explain how hybridization is possible.  But if both we and they were evolved/created here on Earth (explaining why they look like embryos evolved without birth canal constraints), what have they been doing all this time and what is their purpose.  If to save us, how are all the questions raised by Dr. Jacobs' answered?  If to take over, maybe before we ruin the nest entirely, it is still hard to imagine how the phenomenon makes sense of their apparent behavior or plan. Maybe we are too under-evolved to understand the minds of aliens, but if we decide that is true, we might as well just put our minds on hold and do what we’re told. But it is my opinion that we have to try and understand our reality with what capabilities we have been dealt.

How long?
If they came recently, they don't seem to be in much of a hurry ...alternatively if they came here a century ago (as Dr. Jacobs suggests) some important questions arise:

If they aren’t co-evolved with us, but are the result of evolution elsewhere, then how could hybrids be possible, especially using techniques apparently no more sophisticated than animal husbandry?

Chimps were us 5-7 million years ago, and share between 95% and 98.5% of our DNA, yet no one believes that Governor Arnold is the offspring of an unholy union between Reagan and Bonzo.

Our own research and technology related to cloning, stem cells and DNA mapping appears to be closing in on the ability to engineer genetic characteristics and asexually replicate humans within a decade or two. This raises another question: why does a 30,000 or even 50 year technological advantage require egg and sperm cell harvesting, forced copulation or re-implantation of fetuses.?

Evil, Angelic... or just workmanlike?
What's interesting is that even if they are of evil intent, or just don't care about their impact on us, they sure are being careful to wipe their feet on the mat. It is hard to imagine how technology that can overcome light year distances and render humans unable to act of their own volition could not render moot all human weapons technology and "have their evil way with us" immediately.

On the other hand, if the aliens most reported by abductees to be in contact with are here with the specific task of "human maintenance" and engineering the events of punctuated equilibrium in our evolution, as I will propose below, then some of us may have incarnated, or projected a slice of our consciousness, or taken up the particular avatar role in this cosmic video game - specifically to deliver “our genetic uniforms” to the maintenance crew, to alter as necessary, and to keep this game functioning.

If we are in danger of terminally crapping our nest, it would make sense that the maintenance crew is busy trying to evolve the next generation of less crap susceptible vehicles. But vehicles that still have the critical characteristics needed to enable the learning, which I hypothesize below is the purpose of the whole universe creation. My perspective developed in the following is that those critical characteristics would not exist if we, or our replacements, became hive drones as the greys seem to be.



Given my perceptions of the limits and conflicts of current explanatory models of the alien abduction phenomenon, I have created my own version of Cosmological Charades:

The basic assumptions on which my view is predicated:

ASSUMPTION A:  Most reports of alien abduction and UFO sightings (at least those somewhat well vetted) are reasonably accurate accounts of actual occurrences, involving some version of objective reality.

ASSUMPTION B:  Many, perhaps most, reports of religious and "paranormal" experiences are also reasonably accurate accounts of actual occurrences, involving some version of objective reality.

ASSUMPTION C:  There are one, or more, further infinite dimensions in addition to the 3 space and 1 time, characterizing this, our universe.

ASSUMPTION D:  Four-dimensional universes like ours (which will be referred to as Flatlands, from now on) can be created by 5+ dimensional civilizations.  According to some String Theorists, such separate universes can exist separated from each other by less than 1 millimeter along the higher dimension. Of course, these theorists say nothing about my conjecture that such 4D universes could be engineered into existence (i.e.- "and on the first day they said let there be Flatness").

ASSUMPTION E:  Much like playing a video game, a 5+ dimensional consciousness (or more accurately: a 4 dimensional slice of that consciousness) can be projected into a 4 dimensional consciousness.

ASSUMPTION F:  "This is school," reportedly say some aliens and all religions. Minor differences exist, relative to whether there is one school year or many; whether it is pass/fail, continuing education, or pass/fail with extreme prejudice, but for the sake of argument, let’s assume that they are all fundamentally correct.

Taking into consideration these assumptions, my perspective is as follows:

The Greys Are the Cosmic Equivalent of Flatland's Janitors

The greys, and the entire genetic engineering endeavor, are the inter-dimensional equivalent of the dwarf characters of Gillium's 80’s sci-fi movie the ‘Time Bandits’, whose job in the universe was creating small bushes and trees (before they stole the Time Map).

5D; five dimensional means 5 or more infinite dimensions like the ones we experience, not the infinitesimal, planck scale distance, or even the macroscopic millimeter scale distance dimensions of most versions of String Theory. Most versions of String Theory reflect 10 dimensions but 6 of these dimensions are tiny and wrapped around the 4 familiar macroscopic dimensions. Recent versions with 5 or more infinite dimensions are still in the minority, but form the basis of this conceptual model.

Imagine our entire 4 dimensional universe as a 4 dimensional Flatland “slice or brane” of a 5 dimensional Hyperverse where our “full” consciousness exists. I find it easier to think about this as an analogy, us interacting with a 2D world with sentient beings just as in the book Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions, an 1884 satirical novella, by the English schoolmaster Edwin Abbott.

Our universe might be an engineered ‘school’ that 5D consciousnesses have created for the express purpose of specialized education, that can only be attained in a four dimensional existence.

What could 5D consciousness potentially learn by experiencing a life as a 4D consciousness in a 4D world? We can conjecture:

The Exercise of Free Will
• Time, as we experience it, may be an artifact of the perceptions of lower dimensional consciousness (4D us).  Some physicists conjecture that the keys to reconciling Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity, are some recently developed “time-free” versions of Quantum Mechanics. Some posit that our experience of time is a statistical averaging phenomenon, similar to how we average the force vectors of myriad particles in a gas/fluid or solid into our experience of temperature.  According to Connes and Rovelli, the same applies to the universe at large. There are many more constituents to keep track of: not only do we have particles of matter to deal with, we also have space itself and therefore gravity. When we average over this vast microscopic arrangement, the macroscopic feature that emerges is not temperature, but time. "It is not reality that has a time flow, it is our very approximate knowledge of reality that has a time flow," says Rovelli. "Time is the effect of our ignorance." [1]

• If 5D intelligence was not subject to the same “ignorance” or limitation in processing of environmental data, then time would not be experienced as we experience it.  Key aspects of our experience, such as sequential branching decision points, would not exist in the same way in their experience.  So, jumping “down” into a “time bound” existence could be, perhaps, the only, or at least the most expedient, way to experience and practice the exercise of “free will.”

Experience of Separateness/Otherness Enabling Experience of Love
• A sense of time (or other differences in 5D vs 4D experience) may be required for a sense of separateness.

• Learning to love one another in 5D existence, might be as impossible to do, as for me to learn to love my own elbow, or probably more illustratively, to love my left cerebral hemisphere with my right

Calasian Activation With Precessment or Strengthening Their Framitz
• In the same way that playing video games may increase our childrens’ hand eye coordination and spatial processing capabilities, a 4D existence may offer unique or accelerated learning opportunities to a 5D consciousness, of types entirely beyond our ability to envision/conceive.

Let Your 5D Fingers Do The Walking
You are an infinite number of times taller than a truly 2D being would be, as they would have zero extent in our 3rd dimension. Given the infinite difference in extent between a 4D and a 5D entity it seems unlikely that a one to one mapping of 5D “learners” and 4D school uniforms and intelligent beings would exist.

  • A 4D “slice” of our 5D consciousness may be such an infinitesimal subset of our 5D consciousness, that one 5D consciousness might be able to experience many, many 4D lives simultaneously.   To put it into a perspective, imagine isolating in some way all of the neurons in a really thin slice of our brain, just one or two neurons thick. We could conceivably partition our brains into thousands of such slices. Of course such slices of our brain would not constitute conscious subpartitions, but the concept is the same.
  • Perhaps thousands or millions or billions of 4D existences can be experienced simultaneously (as our perception of time would have us perceive it to be) by one 5D mind. We all would be a combination of our evolved 4D capabilities to perceive and ideate, plus our connection to our shared 5D “student”. This would be similar in concept to each of us having a soul, a piece of a higher being that makes us more than animals.

Welcome to Flatland University

Another way to look at this concept, is as a ‘virtual reality’ video game. Just as we can embrace an extent of our 4D consciousness in a 3D video game: a 5D consciousnesses can project a small slice of themselves into a 4 dimensional avatar, for the purpose of ‘learning’ in a way that would be impossible for them in their 5D universe. Further exemplified, we 4 dimensional consciousnesses (avatars) could also been seen as the equivalent of a school uniform that the 5 dimensional students must stuff themselves into as a requisite for enrollment. However, the uniforms in this ‘school’ are slightly tight, as they are a size 4 (dimensions) and the students are size 5 (dimensions) or greater.

No Further Assembly Required

The technology of creating universes filled with likely billions or trillions of different potential game characters (intelligent life forms) does not require some new Creationist-like, micro design capability. We know from observation, that if you can begin a white hole event (big bang) with the right initial conditions and the right physical constant values, a 4D universe with suns, and galaxies and planets and myriad intelligent life forms will evolve.

Maintaining the ‘created’ school program and the school grounds (our universe) could require various functions. In this school, there may need to be teachers monitoring individual students progress. In our 4D universe, these ‘teachers’ might be perceived as supernatural apparitions such as angels or spirit guides. Further, there could be some form of visiting lecturers and coaches, working hands on in the school with groups of students, and modifying the curriculum as needed. We may have named some of these ‘special lecturers’ Jesus or Buddha. And of course, there would need to be janitors tending the shrubbery, washing the bathrooms and maintaining the genetic viability of the 4D “school uniforms” i.e. - consciousnesses (us). I suspect these ‘janitors’ are the alien greys and perhaps even all beings associated with the UFO phenomenon.

Love Thy Neighbor As Thy Self

What our 5D higher selves (players/students) are intended to learn, certainly appears to include loving one another, while perched upon the hindbrain of a reptile. The very nature of a higher dimensional, time free existence may make the experience of individual consciousness, and love of another, impossible. Love seems to be a prime directive of all major religions in one way or another.

Flatland coverIn the original book Flatland, the 3D character tries to convince the 2D protagonist (a square) that a 3rd spatial dimension exists, by describing what is inside the square, a feat impossible in 2 dimensions. Analogously in 5D (as eluded to earlier) perhaps it is impossible to see each other as separate entities from ourselves, making “love” a meaningless term equivalent to how I feel about my own elbow. Or trying to love my right cerebral hemisphere with my left.


Finger Painting New Realities

Another 'conceivable course of study' and reason for the creation of such a 'Flatland University' would depend on which interpretation of Quantum Mechanics is closest to reality.

If we assume that the Copenhagen interpretation, including Wheeler's Participatory Anthropic Principle is correct. - which is essentially that only consciousness can collapse the quantum wave function, thereby creating reality out of probability - is correct, then a new curriculum in Flatland University becomes logical. If consciousness collapses the QWF (Quantum Wave Function, then what we 'pay attention to' is all that can be manifested into what we perceive as reality. Without some level of consciousness somewhere, popping some part of the Quantum Wave Form - our universe would evolve as one giant QWF encompassing every possible outcome, of every possible combination, of potential events. Just as the QWF of the electron passes through the two slits, interacting with itself as a wave, all matter and energy would only exist as one cosmically large wave of probability.

Consider our ability to manifest specific reality from the potential outcomes encompassed in the QWF. We obviously do this every moment of our lives. From choosing what shirt to wear in the morning, to deciding who to vote for as President, every moment we create specific realities through our physical interaction with the universe.

Many people believe that it is also possible to create specific paths in reality by exercising only our consciousness through prayer, meditation, or the power of positive thinking.

Bear with me on this. There is a payoff on the convoluted model I will lay out in this final conclusion - and it makes intelligible most of the weirdness surrounding the UFO alien abduction phenomenon, major religions, paranormal phenomenon, and the power of prayer (or positive thinking, meditation, etc) by addressing the Four Fundamental Questions and resolving the paradoxes of the 4 popular Interpretive Paradigms.


Surfing the Cosmic QWF

Imagine one large wave forming off Waimea Bay in a pitch black night. We are too far away to hear the sounds, high up on a cliff.  As the wave slowly builds up to a 60 foot face, we see 20 light patterns appear and move on straight lines down the face, as they also move toward the shore.  These lights belong to twenty tube riders with lights on their wet suits.  A developed picture we take with our time-lapse camera, shows 20 straight lines, starting 60 feet up, shooting straight toward shore, while dropping in height.   Most disappear well before reaching shore, as the tubes are tipped and buried by the invisible wall of water. 

Next a set of 20 more patterns of light rise up back out where the waves  form. These are surfers in lighted wet suits who sequentially catch the wave until there are 20 light paths spread out over a quarter mile, visible to us on the cliff. All rushing toward the shore in their own crazy pattern, up and down, left and right, cutting back and forth, some randomly disappearing, but all traveling at roughly the same speed , all within a quarter mile of each other horizontally, and within 100 feet of each other relative to base sea level.  The probability of all of their potential positions from the time they catch the wave, are constrained by the moving form of the wave.

As we develop the picture that we took of this event, with our time-lapsed camera, we are amazed by the beautiful pattern of intersecting, undulating lines of light. The wave that carries the surfers along, while constraining their motions in space and time, is invisible to us, its outline only dimly manifested in the pattern of their trajectories. 

The surfers ‘created’ a beautiful, unique, flowing, exhilarating reality for themselves during that 30 seconds of rush. Most landed safely on the beach, exactly where they aimed, a few ended in wipeouts of their own design. The tube riders, on the other hand, experienced a thrilling and/or terrifying, ‘passive’ ride that ended, for some, in a safe landing on the beach, but for most, a crushing spin cycle under 100 tons of water.  Their paths followed the most probable routes, straight lines down the face of the wave, as it moved toward shore.

To stretch the envelope of this analogy further...

Imagine the next wave builds and now 1,000 tube riders and 5 surfers catch the wave. Our time lapsed picture shows a solid mass of light paths straight down to the shore, with 5 slightly wiggly lines immersed within the mass.  The 5 surfers have very little room to maneuver. They are hemmed in by the reality trajectories on all sides of them, flowing down the most probable paths.  So even their surfboards and abilities to carve out improbable paths, can only yield minor diversions from the most probable paths or reality experiences (those projected by the laws of Physics).

Big Bang wave At the moment of the big bang, the Quantum Wave Function of our universe was created. Like a wave in a dark night, the QWF encompasses every possible reality allowed by the laws of its physics and its initial conditions. Until consciousness (or perhaps consciousness sufficient to be a vehicle for higher dimensional consciousness to inhabit) evolved, all was potential, constrained and encompassed in the QWF. No form existed upon the dark.

Until those surfers and tube riders “caught” the QWF in their lighted suits, the wave of “all probabilities within this universe” was all there was. The surfers learned how to move across the face of the wave in paths that were highly improbable; and they traveled outside the most probable path envelope consistent with the “physics “of the wave.

We coalesce reality by our observation & experience . We are tube riders unless and until we learn to surf. And at the end of the ride we return to the 5D shore, better able to love ‘otherness’ and to manifest reality out of the Timeless 5D Sea.  To paraphrase Samuel Coleridge:

In Xanadu did Kubla Khan
An erudition-dome decree :
Where Time the sacred river, ran
Measureable only unto to man
Then back to a Timeless sea.

Perhaps we created this entire 4D universe with our 5D+ technology, so that we 5D+ consciousnesses can go to school in the 4D environment.  Perhaps something within the 4D environment is valuable and rare enough to our 5D consciousnesses, to make it a worthwhile task to squeeze only a fraction of ourselves into the ill-fitting “school uniform / lighted wetsuit.”  Perhaps our “school uniforms / lighted wetsuits” were created for us by our 5D+ consciousnesses, using the “tools” of the laws of physics, science & evolution setting the “right” initial conditions and initiating the Big Bang, allowing the universe and life to evolve into a school to facilitate a higher rate of learning. 

Another conceivable version of this model is that maybe, what we call full consciousness, cannot viably exist in 4 dimensions. Perhaps self-conscious thought requires at least one higher dimension to be viable. Maybe every self-conscious intelligence in our 4D universe is a projected “slice” of a 5D consciousness, experiencing their own lessons in Flatland School.  Then what “we” mean by I, you or we is our experience of consciousness in this amalgam of our particular 4D evolved consciousness; and it is the projected “slice” of our 5D consciousness, that imbues our 4D animal brain with “self” consciousness. Our soul. If our 5D 'us' can parse slices to control many (two, five, trillions?)  slices or '4D brains' - then this version of Flatland looks something like most major religions at their core.

At the end of the school year when our 4D “school uniforms” wear out and die, our artificially 4D constrained consciousness becomes fully conscious once more of the full 5D+ consciousness, perceived as traversing a tunnel of light, to be welcomed back and then review how our lessons went. Wouldn't that be a spectacular sudden enlightenment.

If these are indeed the facts of existence - then the idea of heaven as an incomprehensible place for which we live “forever” (no time as we experience it) is a fitting description.  Not bad for a couple patriarchs running around in a desert 5000 years ago. Or for a young prince sitting under a tree 2500 years ago.

Of the potentially billions of species evolved in our 4D universe with sufficient intelligence perhaps only a small subset, or a large subset (or maybe even every damn one of them) are employed as “school vehicles” for our 5D+ learning pleasure.

However, it could be that we are only 4D Gorillas in the wild with hunting season now well underway. Maybe some segment of reptilian, and/or other flavors of highly advanced technological alien societies are about to eradicate us, enslave us, or just to stir up action. If so, it seems unlikely we have much chance of stopping them.

However - if our species’ ubiquitous historical experiences with gods, spirits, dead men talking, remote viewing, the power of positive thinking, the secret, ghosts, NDEs, OBEs, and the like are not just either one homo sapian-wide example of sleep paralysis, or one giant disinformation campaign by alien bullies kicking sand in our sad dim gorilla eyes - then another paradigm is needed.

Surf’s Up

Surfing the Cosmic QWF seems weird but is relatively explanatory.  This life of ours is all about figuring out the best way to use a wetsuit and our surfboard to surf the QWF and manifest the destiny that we most desire.  And so, perhaps we Cosmic QWF surfers on this “man made” wave of our 4D universe are making ourselves very proud right now, as we shoot the curl, goofy footed, and grinning.

Kowabunga!  Pay no attention to that shrubbery janitor behind the curtain.  Stand up on that surfboard and ride this wave with everything you've got. I’ll see you back on the 5D shore….


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