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Lunar Eclipse UFO Sighting

Bizarre, "worm like" UFO sighting

posted by Mr. Black October 31, 2011   |   Arizona, USA | sighted on October 30, 2011

On October 30, 2011 in Mesa, AZ around 11:30 AM, I was outside on my porch drinking my cup of coffee and I was just casually looking around in the sky while sitting in my lawn chair. Then to the right of me (northwest) I observed a small group of 4 balloons that somebody or something (probably accidentally) had just released in the sky. It had an interesting formation: two bright neon orange color balloons on top floating, and two dark black color balloons appearing as dead weight which mostly stayed towards the bottom of the group of balloons. I thought that was an interesting formation and colors, so I took some pictures of them. The two orange balloons were floating and pulling outwards like a "V" while the two black balloons were pretty much almost clinging to each other like dead weight balloons. Nothing really odd about them traversing towards me: it was seen in the northwest while it quickly traversed somewhat south and at a low altitude. The wind at that time appeared to be blowing directly from the west.

3 Theories Why Aliens Have Visited Earth

Zero Point Energy is Real

posted by Mr. Black October 17, 2011

In 1891 Nikola Tesla stated:

  • Throughout space there is energy. Is this energy static or kinetic? If static our hopes are in vain; if kinetic — and this we know it is, for certain — then it is a mere question of time when men will succeed in attaching their machinery to the very wheelwork of nature.

Tesla continues:

  • Many generations may pass, but in time our machinery will be driven by a power attainable at any point in the universe.

When you think about empty space, what comes to mind ?
If you’re thinking is similar to 18th Century science then you probably assume that in the deep voids of space there is a whole lot of emptiness. You believe that empty space is just that: empty.

And indeed, any visual observation using our very own eyes reveals two clearly distinct things: solid objects and empty space.

3 Theories Why Aliens Have Visited Earth

Oceans in Deep Space: Europa & Now Enceladus

posted by Mr. Black July 1, 2011


Recent analysis of data collected by the Cassini spacecraft has revealed convincing evidence of a saltwater ocean beneath the ice crust of Saturn's Moon Enceladus.

This is the now the second confirmed ocean world within our solar system. The first was detected on Jupiter's moon Europa. Like Enceladus, Europa's ocean is encased within a thick ice crust. The center heated by intense gravitational fluctuations of it's region of space.

Of course, here on Earth - life is everywhere water can be found. So the prospect of life inside both of these vast ocean worlds is very high. Particularly for Enceladus, as results from analyzation of it's cryovolcanic ice plume particles (pictured below) are rich with salt. Most likely formed inside Enceladus mineral-rich saltwater ocean.

3 Theories Why Aliens Have Visited Earth

Massive Solar Eruption Unlike Anything Ever Before Seen

posted by Mr. Black June 7, 2011

A massive solar eruption occurred this morning creating a monstrous solar flare unlike anything ever seen before. Watch below this amazing video of our sun experiencing extremely large scale violent activity.


Scientists said the solar flare was directed towards Earth, but that due to the angle - the impact felt shouldn't be as severe as it could have been.

An alert has been issued by the Space Weather Prediction Center about the possibility of a strong magnetic storm on that may hit the Earth on Wednesday.

3 Theories Why Aliens Have Visited Earth

Climate Change Explained by Magnetism

posted by Thomas May 14, 2010

Why we are experiencing climate change is explained in my book entitled, Climate Change – Explained by Magnetism? (ISBN978-0-646-47722-0). Understanding a new appreciation for the actual magnetic flow from permanent magnets became the foundation for my new approach to understand what and how our planet is experiencing this so called climate change.

Beginning in 1981 and with early experiments with magnetism, I found a common denominator with the activity of the Electron and this factor had a say in everything we see, feel and walk on. It was always active and initiated the effects of the magnetic field by its own activity. It initiated a field that established a negative to positive connection and the finding of the gravity ratio found later to show that we now have a better understanding of where life began.
Finding these answers took many years and once established, eventually progressed with a positive relationship between these two prime elements that eventually determined their respective gravitational values and associated acceptance of the gravitational values, known to science.


3 Theories Why Aliens Have Visited Earth

96 Amazing Space Wallpapers in HD

posted by Agent7 on Nov 24, 2009

Countless numbers of space artwork and wallpapers have been created since the dawn of the digital age: the dillema however, is finding those which are in the highest detail. Particularly for those of us with high end, HD displays. We want high resolution wallpapers!

In this post, we present to you 90+ amazing space wallpapers in HD.

Cosmos Collection V Blue



Huge Triangular Shaped Craft Over Hollywood

posted by Mr. Black November 19, 2009   |   Hollywood, CA, USA


My name is JOE. I live in the hills above Universal City/Studio City and North Hollywood/Burbank California. Last evening, at 10:20 PM, I was out on my back deck, taking some windchimes down as a result of the Santa Ana winds. Something caught my eye coming from the north valley. I looked up and saw a HUGE TRIANGULAR SHAPED CRAFT with 3 bright brilliant turquoise/milky greenish lights on each end.

Each light appeared to have a ring around it. The lights were fairly close together. As it soared above me, the triangle started TILTING, and the lights remained on the ends of whatever was flying, so I can tell it was a single craft. I started screaming for my brother, Mike and, friend, Paul who were inside my home : "OMFG!!!!! UFO!!!!! GET OUT HERE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!"


The Body Suit

posted by Flatlander on Nov 15, 2009

Body Suit

Why is life is not fair. How can God let babies die? Will heaven look like an Academy Awards After-Party?

I think the answers to these questions revolve around a basic question:

Does your physical body and personality closely reflect the nature of your soul (n>4 space consciousness)?

  • If you are grossly obese with an eating disorder are you the higher dimensional equivalent of a glutton?
  • If you are paranoid schizophrenic and floridly psychotic is your soul insane?
  • If you are a stone cold killer and a member of a prison gang is your soul bad-to-the-spiritual-bone?
  • Conversely, if you sailed through life, were valedictorian of your class at Harvard Medical School, are beautiful, handsome and superbly athletic, married the prom queen or the captain of the football team, started a medical technology firm, made $2b when it went public, was recognized as philanthropist of the decade, and play scratch golf, are you some kind of paragon of evolution in the afterlife?
  • Finally, if your mother was a serious alcoholic and you suffer from extreme fetal alcohol syndrome, leaving you with a functional IQ of 45, does that mean you are a drooling idiot in N-space?

Water on the Moon: LCROSS Mission Summary

posted by Mr. Black November 14, 2009


NASA's LCROSS Mission has officially confirmed the presence of water on the moon. The discovery comes after NASA successfully launched a rocket into a dark crater, causing a plume of lunar particles to shoot up into the air - allowing for a detailed observation by orbiting spacecraft. In other words, NASA fired a missile at the moon to see what would happen.

The LCROSS Mission is a companion to a larger scope mission called LRO (Lunar Reconnaissance orbiter). They were launched together on June 18, 2009. The purpose of the LCROSS was to "watch" the impact of the booster rocket as it slammed into the surface of a dark moon crater.


China Confirms the Development of Anti-Gravity Technology, Based on 'EmDrive' Device

posted by Mr. Black Nov 8, 2009


Its not hard to imagine that an advanced civilization, in their progress towards efficient space travel, would one day have the have technology capable of manipulating gravity itself. And indeed, the most interesting UFO sightings that occur here on our own planet - exhibit characteristics of advanced spacecraft that is capable of controlling gravity. Making right angle turns at impossible speeds and performing other gravity defying maneuvers.

Alien hardware aside, an independent UK inventor has successfully created an anti-gravity device that could one day power human spacecraft. Dubbed the 'EmDrive' it is an electromagnetic propulsion engine that uses microwave technology to convert electrical energy into thrust. It uses no propellant.


Understanding the Alien Abduction Agenda

posted by Flatlander Oct 19, 2009

alien abduction

This extensive review of the alien abduction phenomenon develops a framework, paradigm, and worldview that can coherently encompass the bulk of diverse and frequently conflicting reports, beliefs, and evidence. While at the same time, not contradicting current theoretical thought in physics as represented by at least a significant minority of physicists.

The starting point for this paradigm is a position of accepting, at face value, the veracity of the abductee reports from the studies of Dr. David Jacobs, which I believe are reasonably representative of the phenomenon. In his book, The THREAT: Revealing the Secret Alien Agenda, Dr. Jacobs examines the extraordinary correlation between the accounts of hundreds of abductees worldwide, obtained both by conscious recall and hypnotic regression. Dr. Jacobs - a respected history professor, along with other credible researchers in this field such as Dr. John Mack, professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School - have revealed a striking consistency in worldwide abduction reports. And they are profoundly disturbed by the conclusion, reluctantly reached, that the accounts of these abductees must be largely accurate.


The 18 Most Interesting Worlds in our Solar System

posted by Mr. Black Oct 14, 2009

Interesting Worlds of the Solar System

The Solar System. Our planetary network in the cosmos. A region becoming more fascinating everyday. And even more mysterious. In this article we look at not only planets, but also moons and dwarf planets, which together make up the 18 most interesting worlds in the Solar System.


Nibiru Discovered? IRAS Detects Planet

posted by Mr. Black October 10, 2009

NibiruDeep in the farthest reaches of our solar system, beyond Neptune & Pluto, exist strange worlds. These so called "dwarf planets" contain secrets... about the formation of our solar system. And perhaps even other secrets that mankind is not yet prepared to accept.

One such planet is Nibiru. This elusive world, which has never been officially confirmed by NASA, has been the subject of controversy since the idea was first proposed by legendary researcher Zecharia Sitchin.


Google Loves UFOs & Shiny Metallic Things

posted by Mr. Black September 22, 2009

Google has puzzled the world in recent weeks with their UFO artwork. A series of creative UFO themed Google logos have, on now three separate occasions including yesterday (Sept 21), replaced their traditional logo on the front page of the search giant. So why is Google so interested in UFOs?

The first UFO logo was "sighted" on Sept 5. Clicking on the logo queried the search phrase "unexplained phenomenon".

Along with it Google tweeted a message to its Twitter account that translated, when translated said: "All your O belong to us", a tribute to the cult classic Japanese game, Zero Wing.


36 Intense Crop Circle Photos

posted by Mr. Black Sept 20, 2009

Are crop circles created by extraterrestrials or hobbyist hoaxers? The fact is, there have been over 6,000 crop circles documented since 1980. Analysis of cellular structure of the plants from many crop circle sites reveal that the composition of the plant material has been greatly altered. Split tests with complex geometrical crop circles and that of known man made crop circles have revealed a discrepancy in the chemical composition.

So while there certainly are faked crop circles, many are unexplained - and a unique few are absolutely intense. Here are 55 of the most intense crop circle photos ever taken.

7/7/7 East Field Crop Circle


High Probability for Life Within Europa's Ocean

posted by Mr. Black Sept 19, 2009

Europa 3D rendering

Water is the key to life.... and where there is water on Earth, there is life.
Assuming this pattern prevails throughout the solar system then the probability of living organisms inside Jupiter's icy moon Europa is excitingly high. Here's why:

Europa is an ocean world.

Surely life does not occur absolutely everywhere water is. After all, water exists in the form of ice on our two nearest neighbors, Mars and the Moon. And we're still "not sure" about them. On Jupiter, water exists as a vapor - too hot for any living organism.

So why such a resounding YES for life inside Europa?
Because Europa doesn't just have water: it has a giant subterranean ocean.

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